Deity Worship

Our temple is presided by the beautiful deities of Sri Sri Radha Madhava & Srinathji, who were installed (murti-sthapana) in a grand manner during June, 1990. They are worshiped with love and devotion on a daily basis, with rigorous offerings of upacaras, bhogas, aratis, and more.

In a single day, our Pujari is actively involved with the worship. This includes various services like waking up the deities, putting them to rest, Cooking, making garlands, perform various Araties, dressing them with opulent jewels etc

The garlands, bhoga (food) offerings, and deity outfits are exceptionally beautiful. The devotees puts special emphasis on the seva puja, the actual worship going on behind the altar doors, like abhisheka, arati, etc. The cleanliness of the altar and deity rooms is very important as is the spiritual life of the devotees who serve the Lord. The result of this incredibly coordinated devotional effort is a transcendentally surreal Darshan that can be experienced by anyone who comes before the deities.


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