Samskara & Yagana

We offer various Vedic Samskara (life event) and Yagna (fire sacrament) services. All services are performed by qualified & trained Brahmin initiated priests, in a prayerful mood, to invoke the blessings of the Lord.

Education is essential for the wellbeing of children, empowering them with important skills and knowledge that will allow them to thrive in society. Yet, teachings in traditional classrooms may not equip children with a sense of morality, cultural values and spirituality, which are elements that positively impact the development and maturity of individuals. A value-based education is beyond the fundamentals of the theories taught in classrooms. It consists of cultivating a philosophical understanding that will foster a strong sense of citizenship, humility, compassion and appreciation for life from a young age.

A representative listing of services offered include:

  • Vivaha Samskara (Wedding Ceremony)
  • Griha Pravesha (New Dwelling)
  • Krishna Ashtotara Nama Havan (1008 Names of Krishna)
  • Narsimha Yagya (Protection shield)
  • Homa (Fire Sacrament)
  • Shraadha Kriya (Yearly Memorial)

To schedule a service please contact Dwarkadheesh Krishna Das at +1 (587) 500-9765/+1 (403) 265-3302 or email [email protected]


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